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02-Dec-2017 19:36

MDA took Star wars and put it from the head to the feet.

With a Falcon 9H and electric propulsion we might be able to get a heavy enough vehicle out to GSO 4.We decided to wait for the Hermit Kingdom to come to terms, especially on trade.After waiting for nothing US forces withdrew on 3 July 1871.Of course the aerospace industry will be delighted, profits are piling up. Because they can create media images of people cheering.

Because they have the "developed' world split 6 ways to Sunday. Should the tensions rise to a point where it looks as though North Korea will consider an attack their leader will come down with lead poisoning or cancer or some other means that is used by the powers that be to eliminate threats to the structure. Play your video games if you must but stay off this site!

Current Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) enterprise and individual members: please go to access. On one hand, US is justified to exercise a "better safe than sorry" policy, although I am sure that in some circles there are people already calculating profits. It is one thing to let other space faring nations to wonder what the latest US satellite parked next to their own does. The mobile launchers North Korea is using are CHINESE. There is absolutely no need for Star Wars bacuse it does not make sense. If they did not believe this they would have stepped in by now to stop N. Just draft the head of Israel's missile defense forces to take charge of the US ballistic missile defense and I guarantee you the US would have the best missile defense system in the world at 1/4 the cost Americans will create. I don't think that hit to kill weapons make sense due to the orbital mechanics.